Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from the instructor
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Understanding the Menopause
  • 3
    How to prepare for your menopause
    • How do I get ready?
  • 4
    Menopause symptoms
    • Common menopause symptoms
    • Menopause symptoms handout
    • Tracking your symptoms
    • Menopause symptom tracker
    • Telling your family and friends
  • 5
    Relieving your menopause symptoms - Diet
    • What should you eat?
    • What should you avoid?
    • Smoothies - a simple way to get the nutrients you need.
    • Smoothie recipes to sooth menopause
    • Will I gain weight?
  • 6
    Relieving your menopause symptoms - Lifestyle
    • Improving your lifestyle to ease your symptoms
    • Couch to 5k - a plan to help you walk or run to relieve your symptoms
    • 20 ways to reduce your brain fog
    • 3 Minute breathing exercise
    • Visualize to relax
  • 7
    Relieving your menopause symptoms - Medication
    • Hormone Therapy and other prescription solutions
  • 8
    Relieving your menopause symptoms - Alternative treatments
    • Alternative treatments
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • 7 natural remedies for menopause
  • 9
    Menopause and your Sexuality
    • Will I still feel sexy?
    • Talking to your partner about your menopause
    • A guide to supporting your partner through menopause
  • 10
    Managing your menopause at work
    • Working while menopausal
    • Talking to your employer about your menopause
    • Your step by step guide to the menopause talk
    • Taking ownership of your symptoms at work
  • 11
    Having a confident menopause transition
    • Confident you!

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